Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (2003)


Drama , Action , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Sci-Fi , Tokusatsu , Japanese | Episodes 50

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Scientists believe that 65,000,000 years ago, a meteorite's crash on Earth killed off the dinosaurs, but in truth, it split Earth into two parallel universes: Dino Earth, an Earth where dinosaurs were still the superior species, and our Earth, referred to as Another Earth by the residents of Dino Earth. Overtime, the Dino People and Burstosaur races came into being on Dino Earth but were at war with the Evoliens, entities that emerged from the meteor. The two Earths are separate until Asuka, a Dragonoid from Dino Earth, arrives on Earth via a transdimensional portal. However, he is followed by the Evoliens in their Anamolicarus spaceship and the three Burstosaur under their control. As the Burstosaur Tyrannosaurus, Ptreranodon, and Triceratops attack Tokyo, a call is sent out to three destined ones who possess Dino Guts to gain the powers to tame the three beasts. Together with their Burstosaur partners, the three become Abarangers to protect their dimension from the Evoliens.


Nishijima Michi Support Role
Kamiki Ryunosuke Support Role
Suwa Taro Support Role
Sakurai Eri Support Role
Banno Maya Support Role
Yoshimura Tamao Support Role
Hachisuka Yuichi Support Role
Suzuki Kasumi Support Role
Okamura Koen Support Role
Ogawa Maki Support Role
Ono Yuuki Support Role
Kagami Masashi Support Role
Imai Yasuhiko Support Role
Fukuzawa Hirofumi Support Role
Okamoto Yoshinori Support Role
Anai Yuki Support Role
Taniguchi Masashi Support Role
Ito Aiko Main Role
Nishi Koichiro Main Role
Tomita Sho Main Role
Abe Kaoru Main Role
Tanaka Koutaro Main Role
Kobayashi Tsubasa Guest Role
Inada Tetsu Guest Role
Nakazawa Shojiro Unknown Role
Naruhisa Arakawa Unknown Role
Watanabe Katsuya Unknown Role
Tsukada Hideaki Unknown Role
Hikasa Jun Unknown Role


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