Behind the White Tower (2007)

하얀 거탑

Drama , Medical , Korean | Episodes 50+

5.8 318 10 0


The story is about politics and power struggle among doctors at a hospital.Friends can switch allegience and enemies can turn supportive in split seconds. Dr.Jang Joon Hyeok (Kim Myung Min) was an ambitous surgeon who wanted nothing more than to be the department head when his boss retired.His effort was frustrated by his boss Dr. Lee who brought in Dr.Noh Min Guk (Cha In Pyo)from the States with the intention of lettinghim be the next department head. Dr. Lee's wife has also set her sight on Dr. Noh to be her future son-in-law whereas the daughter, Lee Yoon Jin (Song Sun Mi)has something else on her mind.Dr Choi Do Young (Lee Sun Gyun) was a good friend of Dr. Jang and he did not like to get involved in any of hospital's politics but only to concentrate on his work and heal patients.But when Dr. Jang was being sued by a patient's family for causing his death due to negligence, he joined force with Lee Yoon Jin to stand up for the patient's right at the risk of losing his post at the hospital and friendship.


Choi Bum Ho Kwon Soon Gil Support Role
Han Sang Jin Park Geon Ha Support Role
Jung Han Yong Min Choong Shik Support Role
Cha In Pyo No Min Kook Support Role
Ahn Pan Seok Director
Kim Bo Kyung Kang Hee Jae Support Role
Lee Jung Gil Lee Joo Wan Support Role
Park Kwang Jung Park Chang Shik Support Role
Song Sun Mi Lee Yoon Jin Support Role
Kim Yong Min Ham Min Seung Support Role
Shin Kwi Shik Won Yong Min Support Role
Nam Yoon Jung Kim Young Ah Support Role
Yoon Ye Ri [Do Young's Wife] Support Role
Lee Ji Eun Jin Joo Support Role
Lee Ra hye Choi Min Ah [Do Young's Daughter] Support Role
Park Young Ji Oh Nam Ki Support Role
Jang So Yeon Yoon Mi Ra Support Role
Jung Se Hyung [Resident] Support Role
Jang Hyun Sung Jo Myung Joon Support Role
Lee Moo Saeng Kwon Hyung Jin Support Role
Ki Tae Young Yeom Dong Il Support Role
Yang Hee Kyung Hong Sung Hee Support Role
Choi Yong Min Attorney Yoon Seok Chan Support Role
Byun Hee Bong Oh Kyung Hwan Support Role
Im Sung Eon Min Soo Jung [Joon Hyuk's Wife] Support Role
Son Ho Gyun Yoo Jung Jin Support Role
Kim Min Ju Ha Eun Hye Support Role
Park Hyeok Kwon Hong Sang Il Support Role
Lee Seung Min Ha Eun Hye Support Role
Lee Hee Do Yoo Pil Sang Support Role
Son Byung Ho Kim Hoon Support Role
Kim Chang Wan Woo Yong Gil Support Role
Jung Young Sook [Joon Hyuk's Mother] Support Role
Kim Jung Hak Attorney Lee Jae Myung Support Role
Kim Do Yeon Lee Yeong Soon [Soon Gil's Wife] Support Role
Jung Kyung Ho Kwon Soon Il [Soon Gil's Brother] Support Role
Kim Myung Min Jang Joon Hyuk Main Role
Lee Sun Gyun Choi Do Young Main Role


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