Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2012)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Historical , Romance , HK | Episodes 50

4 4 10 0


Su Huan Er got a bad feeling when Shi Wu Ji agreed to marry to her. He, his two brothers and his sister hated her father with a passion. But if they thought they can torture her to settle bad blood, they got another thing coming. Shi Wu Hen was only a stand-in groom at the wedding, yet he was charmed by the new bride's cheery disposition and unbeatable optimism. This created a problem because she was his brother's wife, not his. Shi Wu Xia only had eyes for Leng Gang. She didn't care that he was a servant's son. Yet, the difference in their social status was a gulf he was unwilling and unable to cross. She recruited the unconventional Su Huan Er to help change Leng Gang's thinking.


Song Yi Support Role
William Fan Support Role
Zhuo Fan Support Role
Ma Jing Han Support Role
Wang Lu Yao Support Role
Dai Chun Rong Support Role
Li Jian Yi Support Role
Guo Dong Dong Support Role
Crystal Zheng Support Role
Lan Tian Support Role
Li Pan Support Role
Yang Zi Mo Support Role
Ye Zu Xin Support Role
Zhao Zanilia Main Role
Han Dong Main Role
Zhou Cassie Main Role
Qi Ji Main Role
Kuo Shan Wen Unknown Role
Xi Juan Unknown Role
Huan Yue Unknown Role


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