Douluo Continent (2021)


Drama , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Historical , Martial Arts , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

6.7 1866 10 0


Having lost his mother at a very young age, Tang San grew up relying on his father just as much as his father relied upon him. Meticulous and mature for his age, with extraordinary talent and wit, he was sent to Ruoding Academy, at the age of six, to begin pursuing his dream of becoming a great soul master. There, under the tutelage of Yu Xiao Gang, he befriends an orphan by the name of Gu Xiao Wu, and together they begin the long and difficult journey of cultivation. As time passes, the two friends draw ever closer, eventually swearing to look out for each other as siblings for life. As their power and connection grow, Yu Xiao Gang realizes they need more guidance than he can provide. Sending the pair to the Shrek Academy, Tang San and Xiao Wu join five other prodigies from various academies, in their journey of cultivation. Strong in their power, the seven students become known throughout the land as the “Shrek Seven Devils”. With their fame ever-growing, the talents of the Seven are eventually noticed by a few very prominent nobles who invite them to continue their cultivation at the esteemed Tian Dou Royal Academy. Not long after accepting the invitation, the Seven Devils find themselves caught up in an imperial struggle for power, between the first and fourth princes. At the same time, Tang San uncovers a long-hidden secret about his mother’s death. Suddenly facing battles on many fronts, Tang San finds himself forced to fight, not only to protect those his loves, but to bring honor to his sect, save his country, and complete his quest to become the greatest soul master of all time. 


Gao Tai Yu Support Role
Wang Xin Support Role
Ao Zi Yi Support Role
Huang Cancan Support Role
Shen Xiao Hai Support Role
Song Qing Support Role
Yu Zi Kuan Support Role
Liu Ya Peng Support Role
Wen Hai Bo Support Role
Ding Xiao Ying Support Role
Wang Yi Fan Support Role
Wen James Support Role
Zhang Hao Yu Unknown
Cui Peng Support Role
Du Jun Ze Support Role
Zhang Jinan Support Role
Yu An Support Role
Anthony Bao Support Role
Ma Rui Ze Support Role
Miao Hai Zhong Support Role
Zhang Heng Rui Support Role
Zhao Yan Support Role
Yang Di Support Role
Ren Qing Na Mu Support Role
Zhang Wen Support Role
Qiu Xin Zhi Support Role
Gao Ji Cai Support Role
Chung Kenny Support Role
Liu Jiao Xin Support Role
Guo Zi Yu Support Role
Li Hao Support Role
Zhu Zhu Support Role
Chen Calvin Support Role
Zhou Xiao Chuan Support Role
Liu Mei Tong Support Role
Osborn Chen Support Role
Liu Run Nan Support Role
Guo Jia Nuo Support Role
Xiao Zhan Main Role
Wu Xuan Yi Main Role
Han Hao Lin Guest Role
Zhang Meng Unknown Role
Fang Fang Unknown Role
Wang Juan Unknown Role
Chen Tong Xun Unknown Role


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