Exquisite Wolf Heart (2021)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 24

6.6 319 10 0


A friendship born out of conflict marks the start of a romance between a woman with a 'wolf-like personality" and the "son of the wolf king." Ling Long was accidentally bitten by a wolf. Yan Qing mistakes her for a thief while she detests his arrogant nature. As it turns out, Yan Qing is the son of her father's friend. Two states coexist within Ling Long, one is human and the other is a wolf. Randomly switching between two personalities make her seem like she is the type to pretend to be weak to take advantage of others. Meanwhile, Yan Qing, the son of a government official, may seem unrestrained on the surface but he carries the bloodline of the wolf clan. Due to their family connections, Ling Long quite naturally moves into the Yan manor. After Yan Qing suspects Ling Long of committing theft, she starts her own investigation to prove her innocence. In the process, she discovers that she's begun to develop extremely keen senses. Ling Long's unusual behavior attracts Yan Qing's attention and they begin to work together to crack the case. Ling Long and Yan Qing may have crossed paths due to a misunderstanding, but they soon realize that their hearts beat faster around each other. Ling Long's wolfish qualities matches her up with the passionate Yan Qing. However, she seems to become more violent and fierce as she transforms into the "Wolf Queen."


Sheng Hui Zi Support Role
Chake Lau Support Role
Zhang Jia Lin Support Role
Lin Jin Yi Support Role
Peng Chu Yue Support Role
Mickey Zhao Support Role
Zhao Zi Qi Support Role
Huang Qian Shuo Support Role
Gao Ji Cai Support Role
Yu Tian Yi Support Role
Koo Jason Main Role
Connie Kang Main Role
Danny Ko Unknown Role


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