My Youthfulness (2009)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 32

6.9 24 10 0


This is the story of three cousins who encounter different problems in the real world and who all fall in love. The first cousin, Zhao Qing Chu, is an aspiring and ambitious young lawyer who falls in love with Zhou Jin, a wealthy man with a dark past. Qian Xiao Yang, the second cousin, is trying to build a future in the big city despite her mom's attempts to make her stay in their small town and become a nurse. Xiao Yang discovers that life in the big city is not as easy as she thought. She encounters Fang Yu and a series of misunderstanding and adventures happen between the two of them. Last but not least, Li Pili is the youngest cousin. At a young age, her mother who held high hopes for her, sent her all the way to England hoping that she would be able to attend Cambridge. Pili crushes those hopes when she decides to become a cook instead and buys a fake acceptance letter from Cambridge to show her mother upon her return. What will be the fate of these three girls? 


Wang Jun Support Role
Cong Shan Support Role
Fang Zi Ge Support Role
Bai Bai He Support Role
Chi Guo Dong Support Role
Gai Ke Support Role
Li Chong Xiao Support Role
Fu Miao Support Role
Zhang Duo Main Role
Lu Yi Main Role
Zhao Zi Qi Main Role
Zhu Yu Chen Main Role
Lin Yuan Main Role
Wang Luo Dan Main Role
Cui Zhi Gang Guest Role
Yang Zhi Wen Guest Role
Tan Wei Ya Guest Role
Ren Bao Ru Unknown Role
Gao Xuan Unknown Role
Zhao Bao Gang Unknown Role
Wang Ying Unknown Role
Lu Chao Unknown Role
Lin Hai Unknown Role


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