Oniichan, Gacha (2015)


Drama , Drama , Family , Fantasy , Youth , Japanese | Episodes 12

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Elementary school student Miko was born to a poor family. Made responsible for all the housework by her mother and siblings, she hopes to escape from the harsh reality. One day, Miko inserts a coin to play with ‘Oni-chan Gacha’, a vending machine which dispenses toys in plastic capsules. She turns the handle as she wishes for a kind brother. Her world undergoes a drastic change from that day on. Older brothers who are like fantasies, appear before her one after another. The older brother who always smiles, the handsome older brother, the older brother who looks a wee bit scary but always protects her … Which brother will Miko choose?


Miyachika Kaito Support Role
Meguro Ren Support Role
Nomura Masumi Support Role
Kiuchi Maru Support Role
Nishihara Jun Support Role
Osanai Karin Support Role
Hamura Jinsei Support Role
Yoshizawa Shizuya Support Role
Hara Suzuko Support Role
Kishi Yuta Main Role
Suzuki Rio Main Role
Kasugai Seina Guest Role
Jesse Guest Role
Kyan Yutaka Guest Role
Yuki Kousei Guest Role
Matsuda Genta Guest Role
Aoki Jin Guest Role
Iwamoto Hikaru Guest Role
Fukazawa Tatsuya Guest Role
Matsukura Kaito Guest Role
Tanaka Takushi Guest Role
Wakki Guest Role
Abe Aran Guest Role
Akizuki Narumi Guest Role
Kyomoto Taiga Guest Role
Morita Myuto Guest Role
Tamamoto Fumito Guest Role
Yoshioka Chinami Guest Role
Nishino Daisaku Guest Role
Kojima Hisato Guest Role
Hoshikawa Yuki Guest Role
Nojima Shinji Unknown Role
Hayato Kawai Unknown Role
Otani Taro Unknown Role
Makido Taro Unknown Role


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