Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009)


Drama , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Friendship , Martial Arts , Tokusatsu , Youth , Japanese | Episodes 49

9 9 10 0


For eighteen generations, samurai of the Shiba House have suppressed the evil intentions of the Gedoushu, malevolent spirits that enter the world of the living from gaps between buildings and other structures. Now, Takeru Shiba, the youngest head of the Shiba Clan must gather his four vassals in order to battle the Gedoushu under the revived Doukoku Chimatsuri as the Shinkengers. However, as they are joined by his childhood friend Genta, the vassals slowly learn that there's a reason for Takeru's behavior that sets him apart from his predecessors. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is the title of Toei Company's thirty-third entry in its long-running Super Sentai Series of Japanese tokusatsu television series. It premiered on February 15, 2009, the week following the finale of Engine Sentai Go-onger, and ended on February 7, 2010. It joined Kamen Rider Decade as a program featured in TV Asahi's Super Hero Time programming block, and following Decade's finale it aired alongside Kamen Rider W. Its footage is being used for the 2011 American series Power Rangers Samurai. The catchphrase for the series is "Authorized by divine providence!!". 


Karahashi Mitsuru Support Role
Tsuchida Hiroshi Support Role
Nogawa Mizuho Support Role
Okamoto Jiro Support Role
Oshikawa Yoshifumi Support Role
Seike Riichi Support Role
Daisuke Sato Support Role
Hitomi Sanae Support Role
Matsuzawa Kazuyuki Support Role
Ibuki Goro Support Role
Nakagawa Motokuni Support Role
Hachisuka Yuichi Support Role
Kamio Naoko Support Role
Ono Yuuki Support Role
Fukuzawa Hirofumi Support Role
Takeuchi Yasuhiro Support Role
Natsui Runa Support Role
Park Romi Support Role
Tsunashima Gotaro Support Role
Nishi Rintarou Support Role
Chou Support Role
Horikawa Ryo Support Role
Tanaka Hiroyuki Support Role
Muraoka Hiroyuki Support Role
Matsuzaka Tori Main Role
Takanashi Rin Main Role
Morita Suzuka Main Role
Suzuki Shogo Main Role
Aiba Hiroki Main Role
Soma Keisuke Main Role
Matsuo Yasuka Guest Role
Uchida Momoka Guest Role
Morishita Tetsuo Guest Role
Fuke Norimasa Guest Role
Kitamura Sango Guest Role
Kujirai Kosuke Guest Role
Hata Mizuho Guest Role
Kawamura Maiko Guest Role
Kasuga Kanon Guest Role
Goda Masashi Guest Role
Miyamura Yuko Guest Role
Ishibashi Renji Guest Role
Inada Tetsu Guest Role
Asai Kousuke Guest Role
Kikuchi Kenichiro Guest Role
Okawa Masahiro Guest Role
Namiki Shiro Guest Role
Nagashima Shugo Guest Role
Hara Nanoka Guest Role
Ito Kazue Guest Role
Matsukaze Masaya Guest Role
Tsuda Kanji Guest Role
Moriya Kanna Guest Role
Sakata Masanobu Guest Role
Agatsuma Seigo Guest Role
Miyagi Yoshiaki Guest Role
Matsuura Ayu Guest Role
Shibata Kayoko Guest Role
Okuda Tatsuhito Guest Role
Takahashi Gentaro Guest Role
Sasaki Motoi Unknown Role
Nakazawa Shojiro Unknown Role
Nagaishi Takao Unknown Role
Watanabe Katsuya Unknown Role
Shibasaki Takayuki Unknown Role
Kobayashi Yasuko Unknown Role


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