Schemes of a Beauty (2010)

Meiren Xinji, 美人心計

Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

5.8 1484 10 0


Set in Chang'an, China during the beginnings of the Han Dynasty, Meiren Xinji tells a dramatized account of Empress Dou and how her efforts and achievements in the royal court positively influenced the reign of her husband Emperor Wen, which paved the way for the creation of the Rule of Wen and Jing.


Lin Ruby Xian Lian / Du Yun Xi / Dou Yi Fang / Empress Dou Main Role
Chan Sammul Liu Heng / Emperor Wen Main Role
Zhang Edward Liu Wu Supporting Role
Feng William Liu Zhang Supporting Role
Lu Kelsey Princess Lu Yuan Supporting Role
Dai Chun Rong Empress Lu Zhi Supporting Role
Gong Mi Chen Ah Jiao Supporting Role
Yang Mi Xue Yuan Supporting Role
Jiang Yi Yi Nie Shen Er (young) Supporting Role
Zhang Sophie Princess Guan Tao Supporting Role
Luo Jin Liu Ying Supporting Role
Wang Claudia Nie Shen Er / Wang Zhi Er / Concubine Qi Supporting Role
Gao Yang Bao Qiao Hui Supporting Role
Lam Frankie Jin Wangsun Supporting Role
Deng Sha Concubine Miao Ren Supporting Role
He Mickey Zhou Ya Fu Supporting Role
Wang Wendy Su Wen Supporting Role
Bai Shan Consort Bo Supporting Role
Mao Zi Jun Liu Che Supporting Role
Zhang Lemon Wei Zifu Guest Role
Yan Kevin Liu Shao Kang Guest Role
Chen Tammy Li Mei Ren Guest Role
Wu Myolie Lu Yu Guest Role
Li Qin Qin Jin Zhi Unknown Role


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