Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020)


Drama , Drama , Historical , Political , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 55+

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A story that follows Emperor Renzong of Song as he struggles between maintaining his ideologies of governing the country and his love for his daughter. Emperor Renzong of Song, personal name Zhao Zhen, discovers that Empress Dowager Liu E is not his birth mother and that his real mother is Li Lanhui, a maidservant of the Empress Dowager. Wracked with guilt, he thought to repay the Li family by marrying off his most precious daughter Princess Huirou to the Li's descendant Li Wei. Within the royal court, the emperor takes great pains to keep the balance between tradition and reform. However, he is also troubled by the affairs of his daughter. Huirou has formed deep feelings for Huaiji, a eunuch who grew up alongside her. Unwilling to accept the dull and simple minded Li Wei, she gets into a conflict with her in-laws and breaks the strictest rules enforced by the empire, thus forcing the Emperor to face a difficult dilemma. 


Xu Amelie Lady Miao Support Role
He Ming Han Wang Gong Chen Support Role
Yang Yue Gao Tao Tao Support Role
Wang Chu Ran Noble Consort Zhang Support Role
Chu Willams Sima Guang Support Role
Tan Xi He Lu Yi Jian Support Role
Cao Xi Wen Granny Gu Support Role
Yang Le Chancellor Han Qi Support Role
Lu Yan Qi Lady Dong Support Role
Zhao Da Zhao Yuan Yan Support Role
Ren Min Zhao Hui Rou (Princess Fu Kang) Support Role
Yu En Tai Yan Shu [Poet & Calligrapher] Support Role
Li Ya Nan Fu Bi Support Role
Zhang Ben Yu Ou Yang Xiu Support Role
Cheng Bian Eunuch Liang Huai Ji Support Role
Wu Yue Liu Er Support Role
Liu Jun Chancellor Fan Zhong Yan Support Role
Yang Shuo Shi Jie Support Role
Kang Qun Zhi Princess of Wei Support Role
Feng Hui Xia Song Support Role
Chen Wei Dong Wen Yan Bo Support Role
Hu Hao Bo Liang Yuan Sheng Support Role
He Jian Ze Bao Zheng Support Role
Ye Zu Xin Eunuch Zhang Mao Ze Support Role
Jiang Maggie Empress Cao Main Role
Wang Kai Zhao Zhen (Emperor Song Ren Zong) Main Role
Hou Meng Yao Xia He Guest Role
Guo Hong Lady Yang Guest Role
Wu Xiao Yu Xue Yu Hu Guest Role
Che Yong Li Guest Role
Lu Guan Dong Guest Role
Xu Ling Chen Zhang Mao Ze [Young] Guest Role
Chen Yu Tong Zhang Cheng Zhao [Young] Guest Role
Zhang Xin Er Guest Role
Zhang Crystal Lady Yang Guest Role
Che Xiao Guest Role
Li Pei Ze Man Ji Dao Guest Role
Zhang Kai Zhou Unknown Role


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