Signal (2016)

Sigeuneol, 시그널

Drama , Crime , Fantasy , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 16

6.6 3203 10 0


A walkie-talkie in the present somehow picks up signals from a detective in the past, Lee Jae Han (Jo Jin Woong). Police profiler Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) finds this walkie-talkie and uses it to help solve cold cases. Detective Cha Soo Hyun (Kim Hye Soo), who was once a rookie at Lee Jae Han’s station, leads the cold-case team. Thanks to Park Hae Young (and Lee Jae Han), the team solves infamous cold cases, such as the “Hwaseong serial murders (1986-1991)”. But communicating with the past has consequences.


Jo Jin Woong Lee Jae Han Main Role
Lee Je Hoon Park Hae Yeong Main Role
Kim Hye Soo Cha Soo Hyeon Main Role
Jung Seok Yong Oh Gyeong Tae [Eun Ji's father](Ep.5-7) Supporting Role
Kim Won Hae Kim Gye Cheol Supporting Role
Jung Hae Kyun Ahn Chi Soo Supporting Role
Kim Ki Cheon Lee Chan Goo [Bus driver](Ep.2-4) Supporting Role
Son Hyun Joo Congressman Jung Yeong Chul Supporting Role
Lee Shi Ah Kim Won Kyeong [Jae Han's crush](Ep.2-4) Supporting Role
Kim Min Kyu Hwang Ui Kyeong [Auxiliary Policeman] Supporting Role
Park Shi Eun Oh Eun Ji [Gyeong Tae's daughter](Ep.5-7) Supporting Role
Jang Hyun Sung Kim Beom Joo [Police Chief] Supporting Role
Im Hwa Young Cha Soo Min [Soo Hyeong's younger sister] Supporting Role
Cha Ni Park Seon Woo [Hae Yeong's brother] Supporting Role
Lee Moon Soo [Lee Jae Han's father] Supporting Role
Ahn Eun Ho Park Hae Yeong [Young] Supporting Role
Lee Young Eun Kim Yoon Jung (Ep.1-2) Supporting Role
Seo Jung Joon Seo Hyeong Joon [Prime suspect in the kidnapping case](Ep.1-2) Supporting Role
Lee Gi Seob Lee Jin Hyeong [Chan Goo's son](Ep.2-4) Supporting Role
Yoo Ha Bok Shin Dong Hoon [Yeo Jin's father](Ep.5-7) Supporting Role
Choi Woo Ri Shin Yeo Jin [Bridge collapse survivor](Ep.5-7) Supporting Role
Lee Dong Ha Lawyer Han Se Gyu [Witnesses of the bridge incident](Ep.6-8) Supporting Role
Lee Eun Woo Shin Da Hye [Holders of the stolen necklace](Ep.7-8) Supporting Role
Kim Hyun Sung Kim Min Jung [Shin Da Hye's fiance](Ep.7-8) Supporting Role
Lee Sang Yeob Kim Jin Woo [Serial killer](Ep.9-11) Supporting Role
Kim Yoon Hee Yoon Sang Mi [Hongyuan-dong incident's first victim](Ep.9-11) Supporting Role
Shin Yi Joon Kang Hye Seung [Young](Ep.11-16) Supporting Role
Jun Soo Ji Kang Hye Seung [Adult](Ep.11-16) Supporting Role
Seo Ji Hoon Jang Tae Jin [Rape case perpetrator](Ep.11-16) Supporting Role
Kim Woo Seok Lee Dong Jin [Rape case perpetrator](Ep.11-16) Supporting Role
Hwang Tae Kwang Kim Jung Je Supporting Role
Joo Myung Chul Kim Seong Beom [Loan shark] Supporting Role
Oh Yeon Ah Nurses Yoon Soo Ah (Ep.1-2) Supporting Role
Lee Yoo Joon Jeong Heon Gi [Forensic investigator] Supporting Role
Kim Hyun Bin Hae Yeong [Young] Supporting Role
Seo Eun Ah Yoo Seung Yeon [Girl who liked Jin Woo](Ep.9-11) Supporting Role
Song Yoo Hyun Nurse Kang Se Yeong (Ep.1-2) Supporting Role
Jung Han Bi Oh Yoon Seo Supporting Role
Lee Do Yup (Ep.3) Guest Role
Hwang Seung Eon Han Do Yeon (Ep.13) Guest Role
Seon Hak Aide Guest Role
Seol Chang Hee Unknown Role

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Drama , Crime , Fantasy , Thriller , Korean


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