Stealing Seconds (2018)

Tung Yan's Time, 棟仁的時光

Drama , Comedy , Romance , HK | Episodes 20

6.2 480 10 0


What can a kiss be rewritten? A mother’s goodbye, Zeng Zunren, who had died in the second, was miraculously alive. A first-aid kiss, ambulanceman Cheng Minqi made Dongren able to renew his life, let him know that he had the ability to steal time, and let Min Qi fall asleep for two days, missed his wedding, and his fiancé was still strangely missing! A borrowed kiss that senses each other’s thoughts and feelings at the same time makes Dongren climb to the peak of his career and is able to assist people around him to rewrite his destiny: to improve the father-daughter relationship between father and mother Zhang Chaoan, and to stimulate the fighting spirit of Luo Ruinan... a final The kiss of renewal is also a life-threatening kiss for the lover Min Chi. How will Dong-jen decide? Planning company executive Zeng Dongren (Yuan Weihao) was oppressed by the boss to cope with demanding and coping with subordinate grievances. He was struggling every day for heavy work until he was almost chopped to death. Fortunately, ambulanceman Cheng Minqi (Tang Shichi) rescued him with artificial respiration, and later learned that he would continue his life. To rely on kissing to steal other people's time, he made good use of this advantage and had a major reversal in work, affection, and friendship. Unfortunately, Min Qi suffered a heavy price because of his heavy price, and the wedding was out of contract. The fiancé Zhou Dezhao (Yang Chaokai) also had no reason. Missing. Dong Ren regained his ambition to help Min Qi and took over Deke’s coffee shop business. He not only got acquainted with the barista Luo Ruinan (Hu Hongxu), but also met his childhood friend Mo Xilian (Zhu Chenli). There was no shortage of Xi Lian who taught pole dancing. Minister, only a soft spot for Dong Ren, but Dong Ren carrying the continuation of the burden and the sensitive feeling of the day, fell into the bitter love can not love ... ...


Wu Hubert Support Role
Lam Alex Support Role
Chiu Candice Support Role
Wong Geoffrey Support Role
Huynh Stephen Support Role
Lai Winki Support Role
Zhu Rebecca Support Role
Yuen Benjamin Main Role
Tong Natalie Main Role


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