The Rebel Princess (2021)


Drama , Drama , Historical , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 68

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Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi strike a deal for the sake of power. They marry first before falling in love and join hands to protect their homeland. She is a woman who is no less than any man while he rose from humble beginnings. The imperial family has become rotten to the core. The nobles are lavish with no regard for the people. Princess Wang Xuan and her childhood sweetheart, the third prince, become pawns of a prophecy that states, "to acquire thee is to obtain the world." Being pulled into the matters of the court, Wang Xuan is married off by her father to Xiao Qi who comes from a poor family. On the night of their wedding, Xiao Qi is forced to leave the capital. Wang Xuan is shamed and discouraged. The Helan Prince kidnaps Wang Xuan in order to seek revenge on Xiao Qi. The crisis they face becomes a blessing in disguise for the couple. Wang Xuan is moved and inspired by Xiao Qi's wish to bring peace and prosperity to the nation and they fall in love. However, circumstances threaten to destroy them. The Wang and Xie clans are fighting for power, the Empress Dowager schemes to separate husband and wife, the military has committed treason while the Helan clan has raised their flags in rebellion. Wang Xuan puts her life on the line to escort the third prince to safety. She leads an army of men to defend the last stronghold in hopes that Xiao Qi can arrive in time with reinforcements..


Wen Yu Qi Support Role
Yu He Wei Support Role
Feng Xue Ya Support Role
Coco Shi Support Role
Sun Jia Lu Support Role
Zhang Xing Zhe Support Role
Ma Qian Support Role
Wang Guang Hui Support Role
Chiu Angie Support Role
Wang Jing Yan Support Role
Wang Ruo Lin Support Role
Peng Bo Support Role
Jiang Kai Support Role
Guo Jia Ming Support Role
Wu Yu Juan Support Role
Yuan Justin Support Role
Jia Yi Ping Support Role
Zeng Yi Xuan Support Role
Jiang Bai Xuan Support Role
Chen Jin Ru Support Role
Hou Xiao Support Role
Wesley Wong Support Role
Zheng Yu Support Role
Wang Yi Fan Support Role
Ren Long Support Role
Qin Lang Support Role
Wei Zi Han Support Role
Zhang Bo Wen Support Role
Wen Chun Di Support Role
Liu Fang Support Role
Yan Lu Han Support Role
Xu Si Qi Support Role
Cao Neil Support Role
Zhou Xiao Chuan Support Role
Zhao Qian Zi Support Role
Ji Chen Mu Support Role
Liu Duan Duan Support Role
Liu Yun Support Role
Kara Hui Support Role
Yang Tony Support Role
Purba Rgyal Support Role
Li Yan Xi Support Role
Zhang Hai Feng Support Role
Hai Karina Support Role
Hugh Wang Support Role
Heidi Wang Support Role
Zuo Xiao Qing Support Role
Zhou Yi Wei Main Role
Zhang Ziyi Main Role
Cheng Yuan Hai Unknown Role
Hou Yong Unknown Role
Han Zhong Unknown Role


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