Actor Ahn Danny

Danny Ahn (born Ahn Shin-won; December 22, 1978 in Seattle, Washington) is a Korean American rapper and actor originally a part of the popular boy band g.o.d. He is notable for his unique rapping.[citation needed] He has one older sister. He attended Department of Theater/Acting in Dankuk University.He debuted in the K-pop industry as a rapper for singer Uhm Junghwa, and then became a part of boyband g.o.d. (short for "groove overdose"); the group became one of the most popular groups in the 2000s. He released his solo album on May 28, 2007. He also was a radio DJ on the show Kiss The Radio.n 2008, he appeared in Crazy Waiting (also known as The Longest 24 Months) (기다리다 미쳐). He appeared as Baekho in the KBS drama, Chuno (TV Series). He appeared in KBS Let's Go Dream Team season 2, and he was the leader of the team. He also appeared as Manager Baek Nam Jung in Fugitive: Plan B alongside Bi, Lee Jung Jin, Daniel Henney and Lee Nayoung. He is a permanent guest on 'Oh My School'.[wikipedia]