Actress Goo Ha Ra

Gu Ha Ra is a South Korean idol singer and actress. She is best known for being a member of Korean pop girl group "Kara" and for her role in the 2011 drama "City Hunter". Before debuting, she participated in SM's youth appearance tournament in 2005. In 2007, she auditioned for JYP, however, she lost the runoff. She was also an online shopping mall model, having been scouted after her photos were uploaded onto DSP's homepage. Thus, Ha Ra became a member of Kara.On June 28, 2011, DSP Media announced that Ha Ra was in a relationship with Yong Jun Hyung from "Beast". However, March 27, 2013 saw the end of their relationship, as Cube Entertainment and DSP Media announced that they "naturally drifted apart".On January 5, 2010, during an appearance at SBS' Strong Heart she admitted to getting dental and minor cosmetic surgery on her face. She confessed to receiving one filler injection on her nose and had her teeth fixed. She stated that she had always had double eyelids, but had surgery to get them more defined.