Actress Han Ga In

Han Ga In (born Kim Hyun Joo) is a South Korean actress. She starred in television series "Yellow Handkerchief" and "Terms of Endearment" early in her career, and became a sought-after model in commercials. Her projects in 2012 were hugely successful, with her period drama "Moon Embracing the Sun" topping the TV ratings chart, and her film "Architecture 101" becoming a box office hit.As a high school student, Ga In appeared on a TV quiz show and was also captured in footage of interviews with other students. Entertainment bigwigs spotted her in the news clip and immediately went to her school to offer her a part. She debuted in an Asiana Airlines commercial in 2002, and was cast in the KBS2 drama "Sunshine Hunting". KBS Drama Awards named her best new actress in 2003 for "Yellow Handkerchief", and best actress for "Terms of Endearment" in 2004. After "Witch Yoo Hee" wrapped in 2007, Ga In publicly criticized the director and writers for the drama's poor quality. She went on a three-year hiatus afterwards, merely starring in advertisements.She married actor Yeon Jung Hoon on April 26, 2005; they previously starred together on the 2003 TV series "Yellow Handkerchief". After nine years of marriage, Ga In became pregnant with the couple's first child in 2014, but she suffered a miscarriage nine weeks into her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl on April 13, 2016.