Actress Han Soo Yeon

Han Soo-yeon was born in South Korea, and moved with her mother and sister to Budapest, Hungary in 1990, where her mother wanted to study classical singing at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. Han began primary school in Budapest and learned to speak the Hungarian language fluently. The family moved back to South Korea in 1998. Han studied at the Sungkyunkwan University, after graduation she appeared in television commercials, dramas and movies. Her first major role was in Our Fantastic 21st Century (너와 나의 21세기, Neowa naui 21 segi), an independent film directed by Ryu Hyeong-ki. She became known for her role in a daily drama, Pure Love (일말의 순정, Ilmarui sunjeong), which ran from February to August 2013, on national channel KBS2. (Source: Wikipedia)