Actor Huang Ming

Huang Ming debuted in 2006 in the TV series, "River Flows Like Blood" as Lu Bao Liang. He later starred in his first movie, "Sunflower Seeds" as Zhou Wu. In 2007, he starred with Liu Tao, William Feng, and Qin Hai Lu in "Women's Flowers". In 2008, he played the main lead as Ming Yuan in the movie, "Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting" or "After 80", which was nominated for the 22nd Tokyo Film Festival Award. In 2009, he worked along with Jia Qing in "Youth in Flames of War" and got the annual New Year Festival Actor award because of his main lead role.In 2011, he acted in "Sea Mother" alongside Jiang Meng Jie. In 2012, he acted in Vicki Zhao's debut movie, "So Young". In 2013, he acted notably in "Scarlet Heart 2 (2014)", "The Four (2013)", "The Condor Heroes (2014)", and "Perfect Couple (2014)". He took a role in all those dramas in 2013 and almost all of them were released early 2014.In 2014, he is taking part in "Butterfly Fragrance" along with Tang Yan, Li Yi Feng, Shu Chang, and William Chan.