Actress Kim Hee Ae

Kim Hee Ae is a South Korean actress. When Kim was a freshman of Hyehwa Girls' High School, she debuted as a commercial model for a school uniform brand. She was accidentally discovered by the little brother of her class teacher, working for an advertising company by chance while visiting her school. One year later,in 1983, Kim debuted as a film actress with The First Day of the Twentieth Year. When Kim entered Chung Ang University, she was selected as a TV actress for KBS. Around the time, Kim appeared in "Reminiscent Flame" and "My Love Jjang Gu" as well as the KBS 1TV daily drama series, "Women's mind". She won several awards given for new emerging actresses for film and acting. Since 1990, Kim has established her successful career alongside others such as Chae Shi Ra and Ha Hee Ra.