Actor Kwok Roger

Roger Kwok Chun-on is Hong Kong television actor who works on the TV station TVB. Kwok was born in Hong Kong and his native family roots are in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Kwok used to be a singer before becoming an actor.Kwok worked for TVB for many years, and received moderate fame in dramas such as Detective Investigation Files IV (1999), At the Threshold of an Era (1999-2000) and Law Enforcers (2002), but it was not until he played the role of the low-IQ Ding Sheung Wong (丁常旺) in the hugely popular drama Square Pegs (2002-2003) did he reach stardom, and go on to win Best Actor in the 2003 TVB Drama Awards. After appearing in the moderately popular dramas Not Just a Pretty Face (2003) and To Get Unstuck in Time (2004), he reprised his role as Wong in the modernized version of Square Pegs, Life Made Simple, in 2005, which again was a huge success. In November 2005, he won Best Actor for the second time, becoming a few of TVB's actors to win the award twice along with Louis Koo and Gallen Lo (who won it three times).Kwok is the youngest of nine children. On 22 July, 2006, Kwok married Cindy Au, his girlfriend of seven years, at Hong Kong Disneyland. Au is over fifteen years his junior.[wikipedia]