Actor Park Hyeok Kwon

Park Hyuk Kwon is a South Korean actor well-known for his character acting in film, TV, and theater. He began his acting career in 1993 as a member of the theater troupe Sanulrim. His first TV role was in MBC's White Tower in 2007. That part led to a role in Time Between Dog and Wolf that same year, as well as the 2008 period drama Painter of the Wind. During 2011, he had roles in six different TV dramas: Dream High, My Princess, Midas, You're So Pretty, Manny, and Tree With Deep Roots. In 2012 he worked on three drama series and has continued to be cast in a variety of dramas and films each year since.He began to receive acclaim as a supporting actor in films such as Chaw (2009) and Secret Reunion (2010), as well as the dramas Behind the White Tower (2007) and Secret Love Affair (2014). Most recently he was recognized for his memorable 2015 drama roles in The Producers as Chief Producer Kim Tae Ho and the epic saga Six Flying Dragons as master swordsmen Gil Tae Mi and Gil Tae Seon, where his martial arts skills in taekwondo and kendo lent credibility to his many action scenes.Park Hyuk Kwon also frequently stars in short films and independent films, notably in Milky Way Liberation Front (2007) and other works by Yoon Seong Ho. For his early work in film, he has won Best Actor and Special Jury Prize for Acting awards and was nominated APAN Star Awards' Best Supporting Actor for his roles in the dramas Punch and Secret Love Affair. In 2015, he received the SBS Drama Awards' Special Actor Award for his role in Six Flying Dragons.