Actress Tang Tiffany

Tang Tiffany, also known as Tang Yan, is a Chinese actress. Known in the mainland china as one of the four Fadan, the other being Yang Mi, Qi Wei, and Liu Shishi, she is considered to be a prominent rising actress of her time. Tang acted in many television series in her early time, including her "Feng Man Lou", "Zhen Guan Chang Ge", and "Meili Cungu". In 2007, she performed as the lead female role in the music video Zhu Xian with Taiwanese actor-singer Ren Richie, and then soon came to the forefront, particularly in Hong Kong and Macau. Tang Yan quickly rose to fame in the popular wuxia-fantasy drama "Chinese Paladin 3".After starring in four TV shows together, Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin confirmed their relationship on December 6, 2016.