Actor Yoon Doo Joon

Yoon Doo Joon, more commonly known as Doo Joon, is a South Korean idol singer, rapper, dancer, and actor. He is currently a member of the Korean boy group HIGHLIGHT. He is the former leader and sub vocals of the Korean boy group "Beast". His dream of becoming a high school Physical Education teacher changed suddenly during his second year of high school after watching MTV's "Big Bang" Documentary. His parents and teachers didn't agree with him at first. However, he pleaded to them to register him for Music school and soon started auditioning to become a singer. Doo Joon then became a trainee of JYP Entertainment and was featured in the Mnet documentary "Hot Blooded Men", a reality program that shows the preparation for their debut, with "2AM" and "2PM", but he was eliminated along the course of the show. He then moved to Cube Entertainment and was featured as a rapper in AJ’s “Wipe the Tears”. He finally debuted as the leader of "Beast".Before his debut with Beast, he auditioned for "High Kick Through the Roof" and was offered a role in the sitcom, but he turned it down to focus on his music career. After a month from debut, he became a member of the reality-variety series "Danbi", a segment part of MBC's Sunday Sunday Night line-up. The show ended with its last broadcast on August 15, 2010. Doo Joon was then chosen to model on an advertisement for premium jeans brand Buckaroo along with actress Shin Se Kyung.Doo Joon finally debuted as an actor when he was cast in MBC's daily sitcoms "More Charming By The Day" and "All My Love". On December 29, 2010, Doo Joon was awarded with the Rookie Comedy Award from the 2010 MBC Entertainment Awards for his roles in "All My Love" and "More Charming By The Day".